Community Empowerment Program

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In underserved communities, entrepreneurship has its rewards and its challenges. To grow a small business to its fullest potential, or to launch a successful new venture, business owners must master a number of elements - planning, financing, training, marketing and networking are but a few. These small businesses are often marginalized by a lack of access to professional facilities, equipment and services.

Our ICDC technology plan includes a Community Empowerment program (CEP) that supports local small businesses by helping to identify and remove barriers that prevent their growth and success. CEP is an action agenda of focused, practical steps that small businesses can take to increase profitability, expand employment opportunities and make other positive contributions to their communities. CEP provides crucial business tools and resources to help local businesses to succeed.

Program Goals
  • Provide participants with a professional web presence (site design, hosting, site management, e-mail, etc.)
  • Support online advertising, business collaboration, e-commerce, e-training
  • Aid in the formation of new business ventures that leverage our network infrastructure
  • Cost saving VoIP telephone service for all participants
  • Help participants to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns
  • Help participants to pursue competitive situations with confidence
Program Features
Business Planning
Business Plan Assistance Management Planning Competitive Analysis
Due Diligence Budget Analysis Strategic Partnerships
Targeted Marketing Support Materials Grant Writing
Technical Planning
Technical Support Web Site Design IT Consultation
Technical Training Hardware/Software Provision On-site Installation/Configuration
Program Candidates
Restaurants Hotels / Motels Night Clubs
Healthcare Facilities Religious Organizations Entertainment Companies
Law Firms Non-profits Civic Groups
Telemarketers Grocery Stores Supplemental Educators
Take-out food Realtors Furniture Stores
Car Dealers Auto Repair / Parts Maintenance Services