When President Obama first presented his stimulus plan to the nation, connecting everyone to the Internet was a main route on his roadmap to economic recovery. ICDC planners share the president's vision that ubiquitous broadband connectivity will light the way to 21st-century prosperity. Accordingly, the ICDC technology plan is being developed as a realistic approach to achieving this goal in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

ICDC recognizes that economic growth can only be successful when it includes a coordinated and comprehensive strategy for technological as well as physical development. In our judgment, twenty-first century commercial hubs will take root around pipelines that carry torrents of data. Therefore, ICDC intends to make advanced telecommunications and high bandwidth Internet connectivity, a cornerstone of our community economic development strategy.

At the core of the ICDC technology plan will be a metro-scale wireless network architecture that supports cost-effective and secure broadband access services to participating communities. The result will be true, symmetrical broadband (>1 Mbps) on the street, metro-scale coverage, simple low-cost operations and no-truck roll subscriber installations. The network operating goal is to deliver 5x or more bandwidth than current 3G solutions at 1/4 of the cost to deploy and operate.

world of IP without wires

The plan requires the formation of an integrated communications provider (ICP) specializing in broadband wireless voice, video and Internet access services. This organization will operate in accordance with the following goals:

  • Deploy and maintain a wireless network infrastructure based on the latest and future broadband wireless standards to provide advanced broadband IP network services based upon high-speed Internet connectivity in the most cost-effective and fault-tolerant manner.
  • Support 'plug-in' IP video security services to public and private entities to support public safety initiatives throughout connected communities using a seamless, meshed network infrastructure.
  • Provide Internet-based voice and video services to the connected communities in an equitable, affordable manner.
  • Ensure equity and access to all residents by offering flexible options for acquiring network access equipment for communications, entertainment, supplementary education, community support, instant messaging, civic information, etc.
  • Use IP network technology to enhance local businesses by providing opportunities for them to expand and create new products and services.
In Conclusion

The ICDC technology plan with its broadband wireless strategy is the most appropriate response to President Obama's vision of acess equity. As the difference between mobile devices and Internet access devices blur, a community with a broadband wireless network in place will automaticlly be at the forefront of 21st century communications technology, ready to deliver best-of-class services to its citizens to spur economic growth.

This web site is only an introduction to the plan. The ICDC team are actively seeking like-minded individuals and organizations to help fulfill the vision. Please use the contact form to express your interest or add a comment, or whatever you like.If you are interested in this project, we will gladly make arrangements to meet with you and provide further details.