This website introduces the IntelliTown© Community Development Corp. (ICDC) technology plan that adresses broadband access equality, homeland security, economic development, community empowerment and education enhancement. The ICDC framework provides cost-effective broadband deployment alternatives to support President Obama's plan to extend broadband access and services to underserved urban and rural communities.

Smart City

The ICDC technology plan presents a realistic approach to extending the Internet with advanced telecommunications services to underserved urban and rural communities quickly and with the lowest possible capital expenditure. The ICDC concept supports forward-thinking municipalities searching for a way to position their citizens and businesses to prosper in the Information Age.

Computer network

Networks have become the most important organizational form of our time for reshaping the activities of families, governments and businesses. The ICDC technology plan provides a realistic way to empower marginalized citizens to participate in the emerging information-driven society.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable IT infrastructure that benefits the municipal and private sectors of a community by delivering low-cost and supplemented information and communication services to businesses, governmental agencies, school districts and households.